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The Kick off Meeting of the Sail4Sustainability project

As part of a two-day visit to Rijeka, the first partnership meeting of the project was held yesterday Sail4Sustainability where we hosted partners from Italy, Austria, Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands.

The working part of the meeting, the topic of which was project structure and project management, was held in a culturally-participative public space in the center of Rijeka. RiHub.

Partner meetings are also an opportunity to get to know the places where the partners come from. As project coordinators, we tried to present our city in the best light to our partners. In this, we had the support of long-term partners Fiumanka from the restaurant Boonker Rijeka who took them on a real little gastronomic journey and KIGO Charter for the opportunity to provide partners with a unique view of Rijeka from the sea.

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